Our dementia care provides the tools and training to have more
help at hand.

Solutions for greater engagement, happiness and renewed interest in life.

Antoinette Swolka was a loving mother, wife and friend when she was stricken with Alzheimer’s disease. Her son, Walter, tells us that her life was changed by dementia care from A Caring Hand.

“The person from A Caring Hand lengthened her life. She gave my mom a reason to live. Before A Caring Hand came in, my mom wasn’t excited to do anything. Once A Caring Hand began care, there was a huge difference in her demeanor. She looked forward to the woman coming to her house and sharing the day. She followed the caregiver around and took part in the chores. And she gained weight, where before she didn’t eat properly. A Caring Hand relieved a tremendous amount of pressure on both my father and me and allowed us to keep her home for as long as possible.”

This testimonial shows why we only assign trained caregivers who have experience with dementia patients to your family. Our staff gets in-service orientation and the latest information on dementia and caring for individuals with dementia, to put the most advanced knowledge at hand. Contact us to learn how our caregivers in your area can re-engage your loved one in life.