Homemakers provide the extra hands to keep a home safe and clean.

Home care for the elderly in Greater Hartford, CT: Helping seniors maintain their homes to their standards.

There has to be a certain sense of order to call a place home. It might be a place for everything, and everything in its place. Or it can be making sure there are sweet roasted peppers around for your sandwich!

A homemaker from A Caring Hand can help make it “home sweet home” for your loved one: organizing and cleaning, doing the grocery shopping, planning and preparing meals, and making sure your home is just the way you like it.

Your homemaker becomes a friend, provides medication reminders, and is there to drive to appointments and shopping. Most importantly, having a homemaker helps guarantee your loved one’s home will be a source of pride, not concern. Contact us to learn how a homemaker can help.

“I tried using another service before A Caring Hand but the caregiver was not personable and didn’t really do what she was supposed to do. Now not only do the chores get done, they are done by someone who is my friend.” – Carol Hubbs, Vernon