Featured staff:
One of the great hearts
of A Caring Hand.

Jeannette Ladue could work anywhere as an EMT. Here's why she's a caregiver for A Caring Hand.

Every day, throughout Greater Hartford, A Caring Hand staff members exemplify the values we cherish. Here’s just one example:

Jeannette Ladue of Vernon puts the emphasis on caring for the whole family. She uses the written care plan as a guideline and then involves the entire family.

“You need to work with people to make them feel a sense of empowerment, that they are not a burden to their family and friends. You need to gain their trust, one moment at a time. When they start sharing information about their past, you know you are no longer just a person providing services…you are a friend. Once you have this bond, you can become a sounding board, a therapist almost, for the entire family. You can offer suggestions and help the entire family to play a role in the care-giving process. I get a great deal of satisfaction from seeing clients do everything they can to be engaged, productive, and enjoy their lives to the fullest.”

Jeannette has an EMT certification, which will allow her to take a different, higher-paying job. But she has no intention of doing so. Support from her co-workers and management are the reason she stays in her position.

“I’m loyal to A Caring Hand because they care about me. They worked with my schedule when my son was born so I could be with him and still provide care to others. It takes a lot to do this job. But with the support we receive we can continue to treat each person as a human being, and not just a case number.”

Compassionate, loving people like Jeannette create the difference A Caring Hand can make.

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