Hospice supportive care
celebrates life.

Serving Greater Hartford, CT: Caregivers help create a lasting, loving memory for families.

“My work in hospice inspires me. I’m able to help a family bring out stories of the good times instead of dwelling on the end of life. By taking good care of my clients, I give their families the gift of time well spent together and peace-of-mind knowing their loved one is with a caring, loving friend.” – Liz Kluszwski, Caregiver

In order for caregivers to serve Hospice patients, they must have experience working with hospice patients and must be trained in the philosophy of hospice: It’s not about dying; it’s about living well for the time remaining. Our caregivers excel at knowing their role at this sensitive time. They know what to say, when to step back and how to answer important questions.

Hospice supportive care allows family and friends to create a memory for life. The hospice caregiver teaches families how to interact with their loved one at the end of life: that it’s OK to hold them, to talk to them and to share any and all emotions. The results are loving memories a family will carry forward for a lifetime. Learn more about how hospice supportive care can help you or your loved one to live out those important last days in loving comfort.