We provide Lifeline, for 24-hour peace-of-mind.

Instant alerts: One more way we provide full-service care across the Greater Hartford, CT region.

A Caring Hand is pleased to offer Philips Lifeline in partnership with the Eastern Connecticut Health Network Lifeline Program. For approximately two dollars a day, you get the leading medical alert service—summoning help with the push of a button. Additionally, there is no long-term commitment when you receive Lifeline through A Caring Hand. We never charge you for the unit itself.

Remember, while living independently as an older adult, dealing with a chronic medical condition or a fall risk, you can feel more confident and comfortable in your own home with the security of knowing that help is only a matter of pushing a button.

Consider A Caring Hand your one-stop shop home health care agency. Contact us to learn more about Lifeline or schedule an appointment to see the many other ways A Caring Hand can help.