Be pro-active instead of reactive in learning about senior care.

Learn about services available in the Greater Hartford, CT region before you need them.

“How do I do what is best for my loved ones?” The first thing to bear in mind is this: It’s better to look for answers before you are forced to make quick decisions. You’ll find many answers on senior care here: Just click on the question. You can also see a cost comparison to gain an understanding of the costs and benefits of care. Please contact us with any questions at any time. We’re here for you.

Aren’t all senior home care services pretty much alike?

Absolutely not. Often, home care businesses have no orientation process or training. In fact, anyone can use the title “personal care assistant” without any form of qualification. They can come to your home without knowing the correct way to transfer, bathe or lift a patient—let alone handle an emergency. Unlike A Caring Hand’s staff, they don’t have Certified Nurse’s Aide or Home Health Aide training. Far too often, the business does no background or reference check whatsoever.

A Caring Hand was created to set a higher standard: Conducting exhaustive pre-employment screening, insisting on qualifications and experience, and providing a well-trained staff. We offer deep resources and strong policies and procedures: a customized, written care plan for each client; and regular on-site spot checks by supervisors.

I know my loved one probably could use or will need some care. But I feel guilty about not taking care of this myself. Am I alone in feeling this way?

Not at all. While there’s no substitute for family, A Caring Hand’s caregivers and services provide you with ways to ease your family’s burden. The fact you are willing to ask the question shows you’re ready for the next step: finding and evaluating the options. Contact us or schedule a consultation to take the next step. And remember, by doing your homework now, you’ll be ready to make sure you loved ones are safe and well cared for if the need arises—before a crisis occurs.

I’m a son whose mother needs someone to help her with everyday life. I feel like I should take care of her. Why should I hire outside help?

Does your mother need help dressing and bathing, or assistance in the bathroom? Are you comfortable taking on these responsibilities? You can make sure your mother is cared for the way she cared for you by using A Caring Hand’s services. You can play a role in her care by being her advocate. Investigate the options by contacting us now and putting a plan in place before urgent care is needed.

My father seems to be getting more frail and forgetful. I want to do what’s right, but I don’t see or hear other people dealing with this issue. What should I do?

First, don’t feel alone. Statistics tell us seven of every ten people will need long term care for at least a period of time during their lives. And more than one out of eight people over 85 suffer from a form of dementia. You’ve identified the need for possible service. Please contact us to discuss your needs. That’s why we are here.