A Caring Hand works hand-in-hand with Visiting Nurse's expertise.

Across Greater Hartford, CT, our caregivers help seniors and families face challenges with confidence.

As we live longer, more seniors require dementia or end-of-life care. A Caring Hand meets these needs with trained, experienced caregivers in Greater Hartford. To provide dementia care through A Caring Hand, a caregiver must have worked for at least one full year with individuals with dementia. We give our staff orientation and education to keep them up to date with the latest advances and techniques in dementia care, to put the latest tools and ideas right at hand.

Hospice care is a philosophy of life, nurturing opportunities to celebrate a person’s life and providing a chance to create precious memories. But it requires exceptional training and practice. We only hire seasoned hospice caregivers. We work closely with the patient's hospice team to ensure the most sensitive, meaningful care.

Spot-checks take place to ensure the highest quality of service. Contact us to learn how we can provide love and meaning to your family during these important times.

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