Our staff: A welcome addition to your home.

Screening, training and continuity of care set us apart from other service providers.

There’s a difference in home care providers—and what you don’t know could make a huge difference in your experience.

First, anyone can say, “I’m a personal care assistant.” There’s no training or certification required to use that term. Second, many home care businesses don’t screen the people they hire. They have no requirements for training or experience. Their employees can go to a client without knowing the proper way to transfer, bathe or lift a patient—let alone handle an emergency.

Screening…training… following a customized, written plan of care, developed with the family… on-site employee spot checks… A Caring Hand takes these steps to ensure your peace-of-mind.

Unlike other providers, A Caring Hand checks each applicant for a criminal background and Department of Motor Vehicles violations. We also insist upon a drug test. We only hire people with experience and a loving, nurturing personality. Our caregivers must also be literate in English, to follow a written plan of care.

Each employee has an extensive orientation. They get in-service training in a wide range of topics, from Hoyer lifts and transfer techniques to ostomy and wound care. All of our personal care assistants must have completed either a Certified Nurse’s Aide (CNA) or Home Health Aide (HHA) training course.

To learn more, contact us or read about their experiences.

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